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About us

Allstar Aesthetics is a new and upcoming fitness clothing brand, providing a unique fashion aspect to bridge the gap between fitness and lifestyle wear.

We have an unprecedented approach to our branding which enables us to offer a fashion conscious design and simultaneously grow into both markets. Our creations are not hindered by the branding but in fact complimented.

Allstar Aesthetics was founded in February 2016 by two cousins in their early 20’s. Since their early teens they had been passionate about fitness and fashion and after years of pursuing a professional career they had built their brand from the ground up with no guidance. They have had a very hands on approach from building their own website, designing the clothes themselves and making every item bespoke in terms of fitting. 

"All star is defined as a team made up only of top performers who are the most skilled and accomplished. An example of all star is a team that is made up only of the best athletes from other teams in the league"

"Aesthetics is a set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty"

They believe there is a gap in the market which they intend to fill. Their branding speaks for itself and to express the fashion aspect the star logo has been designed in a manner where it incorporates the brand name and is also an emblem which could be worn as lifestyle clothing. 

The brand represents their vision and therefore strive to build a team who desires to be the best of the best. We believe together we can be an Allstar Team. Join the Allstar vision and “EMPOWER | CHANGE"  


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