Beae is an Vietnam-owned and operated brand that prides itself in producing, high-quality, functional sportswear with a street aesthetic. Ever since our formation in 2015, we’ve never been content settling for the norm; we’re constantly evolving and challenging the status quo.

Who we are

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Our mission

We spent years trying to find our WHY… Why are we here? What is our mission? What to do we stand for? After years of failing forward and many hard lessons, we’ve found our WHY. Our mission is to inspire you to be 1% better every day through sports, fitness and adventure.

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From how we design our products, to how we serve our customers, to how we work with each other – everything we do at Beae is guided by our values. As we continue to grow, the same values that birthed our brand continue to drive us and our culture forward.

Our values

Our community

The boxing community is the reason we’re here. We partner with boxing gyms around the world to help their communities discover the art, learn the science, and find a place of belonging.

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